Malignant Fear

The cancer of fear spreads like a virus infecting its victims

Either through social interaction or hereditary dispositions

Terminally infecting its prey before they experience the illuminating light of truth

Therefore, cleanse yourself of fear-induced thoughts and convictions

By examining your every conception and ideology for symptoms of this malady

Uprooting and demolishing every sinew of fear

Clothed in political ideology, religious prognostications, conspiracy theories, or held prejudices

Being as you may divinely inoculated

Let the living word of love search the inner recesses of your soul, eradicating all traces of Cancerous Fear.


Thine Will Be Done

Often, when things don’t work out exactly as we hoped, we may think that it must be fate or God’s will as if our Heavenly Father’s will for us is somehow lesser in degrees to our desires.
Isn’t He is the giver of all good gifts? Isn’t God love? Aren’t his plans not more fantastic, more marvelous than we can even imagine or hope for us.

So why do we secretly harbor thoughts that he is a God of evil intent, vengeance, and judgment in regards to us whom he loves. Is there one person God does not love or one who is more deserving of grace and mercy because of his good behavior?

Is it not our Eternal Father’s will that all should dwell as one with him as we come in the conscious knowledge of who he is? His sole intention is to prosper us and keep us in good health,
Therefore, all evil or negative outcome is of humanity’s creation due to man’s ill-will emanating from his egocentric heart and mind.

Therefore, when we pray, we can confidently declare “Thine Will Be Done,” knowing that his desire for us is love, mercies, health, and abundance. So may we be always conscious of the power of his indwelling presence as we shed our allegiance to our selfish and self-centered nature. Let us see him, the Universal Source for who he is. Pure Love and love everlasting.