Rebirth and the Kingdom of God

Reference John 3: 1 – 21

What is the kingdom of God? Am I a part of the kingdom of God? How do I enter this kingdom?      

Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus suggests that there is a general unawareness about the kingdom of God. That it exists; how it functions; who belongs to it?

Nicodemus asserted that Jesus must have come from God because of the miracles he was performing. But Jesus’ answer proves that Nicodemus’ conclusion was based on man’s understanding and not from God. Nicodemus’ understanding of Jesus is strikingly similar to many ardent contemporary believers.

But note Jesus’ answer to Nicodemus’ apparent innocent and benign assertion.  “I am saying to you, as a matter of fact, except a man be reborn; he cannot begin to perceive the kingdom of God (the things/operations of God). “ Inspired by John 3: 3

To begin to understand or enter into the domain of God, His Spirit must completely transform us. That is, we must willingly die to self, and all its trappings and give total and complete control to the lordship of the Spirit of Almighty God. Merely acknowledging God without total surrender is death, but rebirth is submission to his will.

Love One Another

Inspired by Romans 13: 8 – 10

We should not be indebted to anyone except to love them. For when we love one another, we substantively fulfilled the essence of the law. “LOVE OTHERS AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF,” succinctly encapsulates all the precepts of the law. Love commits no ill to another. Therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law.

The love for self is the most intensely experienced and dependable form of love, but when directed outward, it is the glue that fuses the separated into a whole.

Inspired by Ephesians 4: 4 – 6 

We are one body, and there is one Holy Spirit, even as we are confident of our calling, One supreme authority, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of us all who is above all and who is active in all of us.

Reverence for God is True Wisdom

If I will accept God’s words and esteem His precepts within me, So that my ears give heed to wisdom, and cause my heart (feelings, will, intellect and thoughts) to yield to understanding.  Yes, if I cry out for knowledge, and speak with discretion; If I strive after wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as I would silver and search for them as I would hidden treasures; then I will understand the fear/reverence of Jehovah, and attain the knowledge of God.

For it is Jehovah who gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding. He reserves pertinent wisdom for the righteous; He is a protector to me if I behave with integrity. He maintains the paths of justice, and He preserves the way of His saints. Then I will understand righteousness and justice and equality; yes, every right path. When wisdom enters my heart and knowledge is pleasing to my soul; discretion will preserve me, understanding will guard me, to deliver me from the way of evil. From persons who speak perverse and fraudulent things. From those who relinquish the paths of morality and equality to walk in the ways of wickedness and destruction.  

My reverential fear of Jehovah is the starting point of wisdom, and my knowledge of the Holy-One is understanding.

Inspired by Proverbs 2: 1 – 13 & 9: 10

My true self is a reflection of My-Creator, so I strive to hold in my consciousness, the awareness of God, and to be complicit with Him in every thought and deed. My perception of My-Creator is the starting point of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. What I conceive Him to be or not to be is the substance and notion of the reality I create for myself. My perception of Him can either liberate or enslave, but most assuredly, such considerations define my existence.   

The failure to live by such knowledge has perpetuated the perversion of my true self. My actions should reflect my core beliefs; otherwise, I will be internally conflicted, a mere creature tormented by his very existence.

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald

Consciousness & The Breath of Creation

Inspired by Genesis 2: 7, Job 32: 8 & Job 33: 4

Yahweh Elohim formed a human being from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the human became a living soul.  There is a spirit in me, and the breath (inspiration) of the Almighty gives me understanding. The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Humankind’s consciousness is the result of the Breath-of-Creation. Created in the image and likeness of his creator was ADAM created. In his nostrils was blown the very essence of The Creator. And so he became the host of the very nature of that which created him. 

Ability to Know God

Great is my God and exceedingly deserving of praise, And His greatness is unfathomable. Can anyone, by diligent effort, understand my God, can anyone acquire a complete knowledge of my God. Wow, the profundity and the abundance of both wisdom and understanding of my God! Unsearchable are His decisions, and His ways are unfathomable!  Inspired by Psalm 145: 3, Job 11: 7 & Romans 11:33 

My understanding of God is limited at best, or utterly misguided at worst. I have no explanation for Him that will genuinely satisfy my longings, or my need to know Him.  He is beyond my logical mind. His splendor surpasses the capacity of my mortal soul to conceive. Yet all that I am yearns for communion with Him, fueled by His glory, majesty, love, and His grace.     

My ability to know Him, by evidence of His creation, is vastly untapped and potentially limitless. This knowledge is evolving due to the advancement in human endeavors such as science, anthropology, meditation, psychology, and spiritual revelation. 

The concealed things belong to Jehovah my God, but the things which are revealed and discovered belong to me and my kind forever, so that we may fulfill The-Word of God. Inspired by Deuteronomy 29: 29

The Unseen God

By faith, I understand that the universe was purposefully established by The-Word of God so that what is manifest/evident was not made out of visible things.                                                Inspired by Hebrews 11: 3

Everything emanated from His thoughts. All that is and is not, He is. He is the substance of everything seen and not seen. The great void is the essence of His very nature. In the vastness of space, one looks for objects to substantiate His existence while missing Him in the void amidst the forms. He fills the void with Himself, Himself being the void, not being limited to form or substance.

Physical beings do not readily recognize the unseen God, the source that holds all matter in its place. 

The void is the hidden link that connects all substance. Thoughts, the spoken word, magnetism, electricity, gravity, and many other invisible forces in nature are essential for the existence of the physical universe. 

The visible, emanated from the invisible, hence the latter supersedes the former. The seen is a manifestation of an unseen source. From the invisible comes visible by the power of the invisible using that which is hidden. 

My Spirit is the conduit needed to connect to and receive energies from the invisible God, who is the Universal-Spirit.  

God is a Spirit, and if I am to worship Him, I must do so in spirit and truth.                                                                          Inspired by John 4:24

My Enlightenment My Evolution

I shall not conform to the customs of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of my mind that I may decern that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Inspired by Romans 12: 2 

I understand myself better, those around me, and my surroundings through interaction and fellowship with others. It is my service to God and his creation that facilitates my enlightenment and evolution. Paradoxically, the growth that I desire comes from an outward gaze and not an internal one. 

As iron sharpens iron, So too, my fellowship with others is of mutual benefit. I shall do nothing in self-conceit or contention, but with an attitude of humility, I shall esteem others as more important than myself. I will not just look out for my self-interests but also the interests of others.

Inspired by Proverbs 27: 17 & Philippians 2: 3 – 4

Fellowship, Transformation, and Sanctification

In the Lord’s presence, I see as in a mirror the Lord’s glory, which transforms me progressively into His image by the Spirit of the Lord.
Inspired by 2 Corinthians 3: 18

By living in God’s presence, I am evolving into an entity, the blueprint of which resides in the mind of God. I have come to understand more about me, as I have focused my gaze on The Creator, and by sharing my observations in words and or deeds, I have found fellowship with others on a similar journey of life’s discovery.

Jehovah, you know me, because you have examined me intimately. You know my defeats and my triumphs; You understand my thoughts from before I conceive them. You prepare my activities and my periods of rest. You continually minister to me on my life’s journey. You know all my utterances before I speak a word, and You surround me and lay claim to me. Such knowledge is beyond the comprehension of my mortal mind.
Inspired by Psalm 139: 1 – 6

The God of Singularity

To whom would I liken God and make God equal and compare God, that they may be alike? Or with what likeness will I compare Him? To whom then will I liken God, so that it would be God’s equal?” 

Inspired by Isaiah 46: 5, Isaiah 40: 18 & 25

Evil, or even the devil, is not the antithesis of God, for a creature cannot be the antithesis of its creator. For God, there is no Anti-God.

For God and in God, there is no duality, no opposite, and equal force to contend. He stands preeminently predominant and alone. By himself, He is, and without Him, there is not. He is the singular point of everything, and in Him, everything is therein.

Life vs. Death; Prosperity vs. Calamity

Inspired by Deuteronomy 30: 15 – 20

I have the choice between life/prosperity and death/calamity. God’s word commands me to love Jehovah, my God. To walk in His ways, to behave as He behaves, and to regard His precepts, His manners, and His stance, that I may live in abundance so that Jehovah my God shall bless me in whatever place he sends me to occupy and to possess.   

But if I disobey and discard His precepts and worship anything besides Him to serve them. I will perish and will not survive for long wherever I go. All of Creation bears witness that I have the choice between life and death and blessing and cursing. I choose life that my descendants and I may live by loving Jehovah, my God, to obey his call, and to cling to Him. For God is my life for as long as I live that I may prosper in the promises He made from generations ago.

Excerpts from – GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald:

God is! God is complete; God is perfection.

Inspired by Psalm 18: 30 & 2 Samuel 22: 31 

God’s way is perfect and without blemish. The word of the LORD is refined and pure; He is a shield and protector to all who take refuge in him and put their trust and confidence in Him.

That which is eternal stands flawless and complete. That which did not exist came forth as an expression of that which is. Its appearance being material and temporal and is yet incomplete without that which first expressed it into existence.

Perfection and completeness reside at the source. The created realm without the cause is incomplete; Elohim is complete, self-contained, self-sustained, and perfect without creation. He is the cause, without an origin, the reason without a motive.

Inspired by Deuteronomy 32: 3 – 4 

I will proclaim the name of Jehovah, the self-Existent One; Ascribe greatness to our God; He is The Rock and a refuge, His actions are perfect, without blemish and complete; For all His ways are right and just; A God of faithfulness without iniquity or perverseness, righteous and upright is He.

Inspired by Matthew 5: 48

Be perfect and complete, as your heavenly Father is perfect and complete.

Perfect is God Almighty, the source of all there is. I look to Him so that I may be complete.

Excerpts from – GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald:

Lamp to my Feet

God’s word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Inspired by Psalm 119: 105

I hear the Word in the functioning of His handy work; It reverberates clear and pure. It says to me, “I can be trusted, lean on me, I will make your pathway true.” In a shout or a whisper, the Word still echoes for me to hear, calling me to a path already prepared.

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald

The Living Word

Inspired by John 1: 1 – 4

In the beginning, was The-Word, it existed with God in the beginning, and The-Word was God. That’s how it was with God from the start. All things that came into being were created by Him and through Him, and no creating was without Him. In Him was life and the life was the light of humankind.

From the instance of creation, Elohim The Self-Existent-One spoke, and His Spoken-Word has been alive and active ever since. Even from eternity, it is The-Spoken-Word that holds all of nature in place. It is the life of Creation, the cause behind the cause. Today nothing happens that is not contained in the kernel of that Spoken-Word. Nothing is out of place, nor is anything amended or requires revision. His Word never changes, it is eternally true and an everlasting assurance. One inkling or shadow of change and all that is would never have been.

Inspired by Colossians 1: 15 – 17

The-word became flesh and of such is the visible manifestation of the unseen God, the firstborn of all creation. By Him were all things created in heaven and on earth, both the visible and the invisible; all things were created by Him and for Him. He predates everything, and it is He who ordains all of creation; by Him, they exist.

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald

Depression, Hopelessness & Anxiety

Depression and hopelessness are like cancers; they will destroy the soul from within if I allow them to take root. 

Inspired by Proverbs 15:13 

When my heart is merry, my countenance is cheerful, but a sorrowful heart wounds my spirit.              

I am not, by any stretch of my imagination, a clinical psychologist, nor have I ever been diagnosed with depression. However, I know intuitively from my experiences and those of others that depression, hopelessness, and anxiety have a lot to do with the emotions and spirituality as much as it has to do with any biological issue. I perceive that a good number of these issues are of a soulish origin.  

Whenever I become aware that I am feeling hopeless, down, depressed, or anxious, I flood my mind with thoughts of gratitude, thanksgiving, worship, and imaginations of hopeful outcomes. Indulgence in acts of demonstrative love toward others is a companion therapy.   

 Inspired by Psalm 42: 5 

Why are you depressed, O my soul? Why do you moan and rage within me? Hope in God, so I shall yet praise him for the victory of his presence.               

This mentality or spiritual beingness; that is taking on the attitude I want to inculcate in myself is a surefire way to rid my soul of despair and anxiety — for example, I clothe myself in a spirit of optimism and serenity instead of depression and worry.  

My hope and my trust are not in myself or any other created being or thing. I place my confident expectation in the Eternal I Am, which leaves no questioning of an expected outcome. Paradoxically I best help others who are going through such a state by surrounding them with love and care, helping them to understand themselves to be, and feel a part of, the collective (e.g., A family or a group, etc.).  

Through interaction, I convey whichever spirit I am being or have taken on, unto those around.  Through loving interaction, I will exude a spirit of optimism and serenity on those who are anxious and melancholy, by being optimistic and at peace. 

Inspired by Proverbs 12: 25 

A fearful, depressed, and anxious heart weighs me down, but kind, encouraging, and pleasant words cheer me up.  

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald

Self-talk and Imaginations

Inspired by Romans 12: 2,  Ephesians 4: 23 & 2 Corinthians 3: 17 

I will not conform to the behavior, customs, and thought patterns of this world, but I will allow God to transform me continually by changing the way I think.  By being reformed in the spirit of my mind (that is, my thoughts, imaginations, and attitudes ). God is a Spirit, and where His Spirit is, there is liberty.  

Self-talk and imaginations (that induce fear and doubts) point to deep-seated fears or insecurities that I have harbored and allowed to fester into self-defeating thoughts and actions. The roots of these habitual behaviors tend to burrow deep into the crevices of my mind and must be searched out diligently and deliberately to negate them. I am immobilized by such thought patterns if left unchecked.  

I replace inhibiting self-talk and imaginations with messages of hope and images of my desired results.  

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald

Emotions or Faith

Inspired by James 1: 20

My anger and stirred-up emotions do not fulfill the righteousness of God nor His purpose.

My stirred-up emotion is a compelling motivator for sustained and unswerving action towards achieving my desired goals. However, to be guided by The Unseen Hand requires much faith but produces holistic results unimagined.

Dwane Fritz Gerald. GOD&I: Longing After God. Kindle Edition.

God’s Word; Our Standard

Romans 10: 17

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word/utterance of God.

We live in a time when men and women of faith are increasingly succumbing to the pressures of the world to renege on their beliefs. We are told not to take the scriptures literally, and even to question its relevance in this new fast-changing and technologically advanced world.

But we find that as we give in to this subtle spiritual craftiness, we are rapidly losing our voice, our ability to speak authoritatively to the advancing evils of this current age.

If the word of God is not the ultimate and indisputable standard of our faith, then our beliefs are as baseless as a lunatic’s machinations.

As believers, when we speak, we should speak only of that which we have heard from the mouth of God (His Word), speaking not by man’s authority, which is worthless, but speaking the word of God in the power and might of its author.  All other wisdom leads to darkness; only God’s word has life in itself and is light.

Believers, once again, restore the pride of place for the word of God in the temples of your hearts and on your lips, for it is the source of our salvation and that of the world.


Inspired by Romans 8: 28 & 1 Thessalonians 5: 18

I know that everything works together, as if one whole, for the benefit of those appointed for God’s purpose because of His love for them.  I am grateful for everything, for this is the desire of God through Christ Jesus for me.

When I label outcomes as good or bad, I limit my available options to those that are within my cognition and under my sphere of influence. In judging life’s events, I become my source instead of being one with The-Source.

Dwane Fritz Gerald. GOD&I: Longing After God . Kindle Edition.


Inspired by Jeremiah 17: 9

My heart (feelings) is deceitful about everything, and incurably so: who can know it?

I derived my self-worth from who I am and not how I am feeling about myself or my current circumstances. My feelings and emotions are fleeting and cannot be relied on to determine my self-worth. My actions should be reasonable and not based solely on emotional impulses.

Dwane Fritz Gerald. GOD&I: Longing After God . Kindle Edition.

Believing; The Keys to the Kingdom of God

John 3: 1 – 21

Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be born again if he desired to enter the Kingdom of God. At the very start of Jesus’ ministry, he declared that the kingdom of God was at hand.

Jesus taught us that when we pray, we should assert that God’s kingdom has come, acknowledging that as believers, the fulfillment of his will is our charge.

All have access to the kingdom of God by way of Jesus, and faith in him and his finished work of atonement on the cross.

By faith in Christ, we are spiritually reborn as citizens of the eternal kingdom of God.

As citizens, let us not only enjoy the liberty we have in the Spirit but likewise, let us also fulfill our responsibility to love as Christ loves.

Empowering Choices

Inspired by Philippians 4: 8 I choose to meditate on things that are true, honorable, equitable, pure, acceptable, reputable, anything of good virtue and courage, and anything praiseworthy.

I choose the good and the nobler virtues because I become that which I do.

  • I choose acceptance instead of regrets
  • I choose forgiveness instead of grudgefulness or unforgiveness.
  • I choose anticipation instead of worry.
  • I choose hope instead of dread.
  • I choose faith instead of fear.
  • I choose thankfulness instead of ungratefulness.
  • I choose to appreciate my current circumstances instead of taking anything for granted.
  • I choose love instead of hate.
  • I choose to channel positive energies from The Eternal God. Negative temporal energies ensnare and enslave while The Sovereign One empowers and liberates.
  • I choose to walk a spiritual path that requires steps of faith.

My choices determine my destination. Life is a series of decision points, of which destiny awaits on the other side. NOW choose wisely!

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald

Our Bodies; God’s Temple

1 Corinthians 6: 19 – 20 (also reference 1 Corinthians 3: 16 – 17)

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in us, whom we have received from God? We are not our own; God bought us at a price. Therefore honor God with our bodies.

Do not defile the body with carnal and otherwise worldly thoughts but instead set your heart, mind and soul on the things of the Spirit.  Remember that only those things which come from within defile the body and not those which are external.

Our heavenly Father desires fellowship with us, so keep the body holy, set apart for honoring Him.  Reverence it as a place of worship to God. A meeting place where God and man commune as one.

Who Am I Being

Inspired by Galatians 2: 20

Crucified with Christ, still, I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live externally as a human being, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

Inspired by Galatians 5: 16, 22 – 23, & 25
If I live in the Spirit, I will not execute the desires of the body; that is, the fleshly nature. Because the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace (prosperity), longsuffering (patience, fortitude, kindness, restraint, and self-discipline), gentleness (kindness and moral excellence), goodness (virtue), faith (fidelity, and loyalty), meekness (humility), temperance (self-control), against such things there is no restriction. If I live in the Spirit, I must also conform to the will of the Spirit.

For every moment of my earthly sojourn, I am actively engaged in some form of action, whether consciously or not. Of said occupation, I strive to become increasingly more aware and fully engaged. That which occupies my time creates my experiences and with certainty, impacts my wellbeing. Thoughts, choices, and actions form parts of a continuum that creates my reality, in which I can only actively participate, in the NOW. Hence, for this and every conscious moment, I am at liberty to choose my existence, who I am being.

The power of being is the power to create and The Power of Creation. I am that which I am being or doing. I am that which I am.

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald

God Knows Our Thoughts

Psalm 94: 11 (also reference Psalm 139)               

The Lord knows the thoughts of man that they are vanity.

Imagine that those around you knew your every thought, would you expect unconditional love or condemnation.

Our God knows us better than we know ourselves. Even our hidden thoughts are plain to him. He knows if they are benevolent and empathetic or malevolent and self-serving, yet His love for us is boundless and unchanging.

Blessed is the person who is willing to submit their every thought to Him; peace-of-mind and contentment will be their reward.

Follow Him and see His Glory

St. John 2: 1 – 12 (Jesus turned water into wine)

Mary informed Jesus of the shortage of wine; then, she told the servants to do whatever he said to do. Although Mary instructed the servants beforehand, they must have questioned the sanity of Jesus’ instructions to fill the six jars, the type used for ceremonial washing, with water. To their credit, they obeyed, and through their obedience, were partakers of a great miracle.

Follow the spirit of God and Him to obey, even when His leading takes you along a road of doubts and fear. Be willing to ignore the signposts of conventional wisdom for the higher calling of God. Be prepared to trod this path without the company of family or friends, being satisfied with the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Rest assured that in so doing, His handiwork will be made manifest in you, being an instrument set apart for His glory here on earth.

Worship the One and Only

Deuteronomy 6: 13 – 14  (also reference Luke 4: 8 & Matthew 4: 10)

Reverence the Lord your God, serve him only by doing his will, and swear by him only (i.e., Put your confidence in Him only). Do not rely on; or put your trust in, any other, or be swayed by contemporary norms.

Let not your desires for riches, fame, power, or glory cause you to worship any other gods or systems of men.  Neither should you serve any other cause except the person of God Almighty.

You become the slave of whatever you ascribe worth to or hold as important. Even a “Godly cause” can become a false and cruel master leading you away from God Almighty.

Reserve pride of place and adoration for the one and only true God.  Your heart has room for only one God. Serve him and him alone worship.

Exercising Faith vs. Tempting Fate

Deuteronomy 6: 16 – 19 (Also reference Matthew 4: 12 & Luke 4: 7)

Do not tempt or test the Lord your God, instead diligently follow His statutes and His ways which he has shown you and you will fulfill that which is right and good in His sight: that it may be well with you, and that you may experience all that He had promised according to His word.

Obedience is an act of faith and trust and not dutiful submission. We are to willingly put all our confidence in God and his providence which gives us cause to obey him without doubting or second-guessing.

Do not tempt fate as proof of your confidence, but by your obedience, demonstrate your faith.

Feed on the Word; it is Life to Your Being

Deuteronomy 8: 3 (Also reference Matthew 4: 4)

So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.

Food may nourish the body, but the word of God sustains the entire being; body, soul, and spirit.  To maintain good health, it is essential to feed the body properly. Similarly, belief and faith fuel a living being as it feeds on God’s eternal precepts.

So let the precepts of your faith sustain you rather than your carnal cravings or yearnings.

The Power of Choosing Love

Love patiently endures, and love is kind, Love is not envious or jealous; love is not braggadocious or puffed-up. It does not behave unbecomingly, and it is not self-seeking, and not easily provoked; it does not keep a record of evil suffered. Love rejoices not at injustice and immorality but rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes for all things, hopes for all things, endures all things. Love never fails or diminishes. Even now, faith, hope, and love endure, but of these three, the greatest is love. Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8, & 13

Love is a choice. Love is the energy which restores the whole, the oneness. Love reunifies souls. Love liberates. Love rewards. Love forgives. Love accepts. Love uplifts. Love heals. Love gives. Love loves.

Love now, love without ceasing, love without measure!

Dwane Fritz Gerald: GOD&I: Longing After God

Do Right

Matthew 3:15

“Then Jesus answering said unto him, let it be so now: for God requires us to fulfill all righteousness. Then he suffered him.”

In an age where right and wrong is a bygone concept to be relegated to the dustbin of time, along with all other moral impediments, it is easy to play deaf to the clarion call of the Spirit, which still beckons us to do that which is right.

We are called to righteousness, not only because our God requires it, but because He is righteous, and to do otherwise is to grieve His Spirit. For if we are led by His Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth, He will lead us into all truth and righteousness.  

Leave void no opportunity to do the right thing. Take action, don’t be silent in the face of hate, injustice, bigotry, or indifference.

Do not cower when faced with criticism and hate, but let Christ be your standard, guided by the indwelling omnipresent Spirit of Almighty God.

Purposefully Living

Luke 2:49

“And Jesus said to them, how is it that you couldn’t find me, you know that I would be about my Father’s business.”

Be purposeful with your time here on earth.  We all have a purpose, a mission, a calling. There are a few persons who, from an early stage, know or have some inkling of what that calling is. However, often that calling is revealed to us progressively as we build on our relationship with God by daily steps of faith.

If you are one of those persons who are still unsure of your calling, your defining reason for being here, take confidence in the fact that there is a pathway that you can take.

The word reminds us to seek as a priority the spiritual things of God, to fulfill all His righteousness so that all we need will be made manifest unto us.

It is by living by faith, learning to trust God’s providence that we not only discover more about God and the world we live in, but we begin to see ourselves through His eyes and come into a clearer understanding of His purpose for us here in this realm.

As God’s will becomes apparent, we ought to be single-mindedly committed to fulfilling the mission to which we have been called.

Free Willed

If I live in the Holy Spirit, I will not execute the desires of the flesh. And if the Holy Spirit leads me, I am not driven by or under subjection to the Law. Likewise, if I live in the Holy Spirit, I must also walk in step with, and be in conformance to the will of the Holy Spirit. Inspired by Galatians 5: 16, 18 & 25

As a free-willed being, the governance by carnal laws is not my destiny. However, by connecting with God Almighty, and living according to the divine flow of the Holy Spirit, I escape the shackles of the sensual nature. Being reunited with the Spirit from whom I came forth as the breath of creation, and with whom I am one. In this way, knowledge and righteousness come not from labor, but by being. Therefore I live by the Spirit to fulfill the spirit of the law.

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald