Life vs. Death; Prosperity vs. Calamity

Inspired by Deuteronomy 30: 15 – 20

I have the choice between life/prosperity and death/calamity. God’s word commands me to love Jehovah, my God. To walk in His ways, to behave as He behaves, and to regard His precepts, His manners, and His stance, that I may live in abundance so that Jehovah my God shall bless me in whatever place he sends me to occupy and to possess.   

But if I disobey and discard His precepts and worship anything besides Him to serve them. I will perish and will not survive for long wherever I go. All of Creation bears witness that I have the choice between life and death and blessing and cursing. I choose life that my descendants and I may live by loving Jehovah, my God, to obey his call, and to cling to Him. For God is my life for as long as I live that I may prosper in the promises He made from generations ago.

Excerpts from – GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald:


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