Psalm: 1 of DFG

  1. Woe is me; I am a prisoner to my past, and the burden of my actions weighs me down to the grave, while death lurks for my soul to surrender.
  2. My yesterdays are full of regrets and sorrow, and my tomorrow tinged with fear.
  3. In tears, I beheld my condition. And my spirit hungered and thirsted.
  4. Who will redeem me and restore me to my intended state?
  5. Somewhere, I heard of a savior who gave life to that which was dead, and in desperation, I called upon his name.
  6. In love, he answered and gifted me my freedom. Now my yesterdays are his, and my tomorrow is secured.
  7. By faith, I have been divinely adopted and transformed from a wretched son of man to a son of the Most-High One.
  8. Amazing Grace, how sweet a victory won. Now I live by faith and hope in the unseen.


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