Rebirth and the Kingdom of God

Reference John 3: 1 – 21

What is the kingdom of God? Am I a part of the kingdom of God? How do I enter this kingdom?      

Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus suggests that there is a general unawareness about the kingdom of God. That it exists; how it functions; who belongs to it?

Nicodemus asserted that Jesus must have come from God because of the miracles he was performing. But Jesus’ answer proves that Nicodemus’ conclusion was based on man’s understanding and not from God. Nicodemus’ understanding of Jesus is strikingly similar to many ardent contemporary believers.

But note Jesus’ answer to Nicodemus’ apparent innocent and benign assertion.  “I am saying to you, as a matter of fact, except a man be reborn; he cannot begin to perceive the kingdom of God (the things/operations of God). “ Inspired by John 3: 3

To begin to understand or enter into the domain of God, His Spirit must completely transform us. That is, we must willingly die to self, and all its trappings and give total and complete control to the lordship of the Spirit of Almighty God. Merely acknowledging God without total surrender is death, but rebirth is submission to his will.


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