The Word of Our Testimony

(Inspired By) Revelation 12: 11

They have conquered the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. Furthermore, they did not love their lives to cause them to shy away from death.

Everyone has free access to the blood of the Lamb. However, our testimony validates what we did in response to that gift of salvation. We must be willing to lose this mortal life to inherit an eternal one.

The word of our testimony goes beyond our confession of faith. It is not merely having an intellectual knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ. Instead, it is an evidential statement of fact demonstrated by our life and relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ.

It speaks to the personal relationship we have with Jesus Christ or the lack thereof. It is the evidentiary material used to encapsulate our life’s journey.

Have I overcome the devil? If so, where is the evidence?

“What say ye? The word of my testimony.”


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