God’s Word; Our Standard

Romans 10: 17

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word/utterance of God.

We live in a time when men and women of faith are increasingly succumbing to the pressures of the world to renege on their beliefs. We are told not to take the scriptures literally, and even to question its relevance in this new fast-changing and technologically advanced world.

But we find that as we give in to this subtle spiritual craftiness, we are rapidly losing our voice, our ability to speak authoritatively to the advancing evils of this current age.

If the word of God is not the ultimate and indisputable standard of our faith, then our beliefs are as baseless as a lunatic’s machinations.

As believers, when we speak, we should speak only of that which we have heard from the mouth of God (His Word), speaking not by man’s authority, which is worthless, but speaking the word of God in the power and might of its author.  All other wisdom leads to darkness; only God’s word has life in itself and is light.

Believers, once again, restore the pride of place for the word of God in the temples of your hearts and on your lips, for it is the source of our salvation and that of the world.


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