The Mystery of the Tongue


Humanly speaking, the tongue is used for tasting and enabling speech. Spiritually speaking, the tongue is God’s mouthpiece, capturing and extending the spiritual into the natural. Unfortunately, we fail to make use of it in the latter manner. When James talks about taming the tongue, we avoid hurling insults, avoid apt replies, avoid using censored words and then stop there. We then leave the tongue to serve its biological purposes, but not fully serving its spiritual purpose.


One does not have to flip the Bible for too long to see that speech is not devoid of spiritual implications. In fact, in the first pages, you will encounter a repetitive statement, ‘God said…And it was so’. Whatever God spoke, came into being. Few Chapters on in the Second Book, Moses trying to avoid God’s mission of speaking to Pharaoh to let the Israelites out of slavery says, ‘O Lord…

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