Free Willed

If I live in the Holy Spirit, I will not execute the desires of the flesh. And if the Holy Spirit leads me, I am not driven by or under subjection to the Law. Likewise, if I live in the Holy Spirit, I must also walk in step with, and be in conformance to the will of the Holy Spirit. Inspired by Galatians 5: 16, 18 & 25

As a free-willed being, the governance by carnal laws is not my destiny. However, by connecting with God Almighty, and living according to the divine flow of the Holy Spirit, I escape the shackles of the sensual nature. Being reunited with the Spirit from whom I came forth as the breath of creation, and with whom I am one. In this way, knowledge and righteousness come not from labor, but by being. Therefore I live by the Spirit to fulfill the spirit of the law.

Excerpts from –  GOD&I: Longing After God by Dwane Fritz Gerald


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