Purposefully Living

Luke 2:49

“And Jesus said to them, how is it that you couldn’t find me, you know that I would be about my Father’s business.”

Be purposeful with your time here on earth.  We all have a purpose, a mission, a calling. There are a few persons who, from an early stage, know or have some inkling of what that calling is. However, often that calling is revealed to us progressively as we build on our relationship with God by daily steps of faith.

If you are one of those persons who are still unsure of your calling, your defining reason for being here, take confidence in the fact that there is a pathway that you can take.

The word reminds us to seek as a priority the spiritual things of God, to fulfill all His righteousness so that all we need will be made manifest unto us.

It is by living by faith, learning to trust God’s providence that we not only discover more about God and the world we live in, but we begin to see ourselves through His eyes and come into a clearer understanding of His purpose for us here in this realm.

As God’s will becomes apparent, we ought to be single-mindedly committed to fulfilling the mission to which we have been called.


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