Do Right

Matthew 3:15

“Then Jesus answering said unto him, let it be so now: for God requires us to fulfill all righteousness. Then he suffered him.”

In an age where right and wrong is a bygone concept to be relegated to the dustbin of time, along with all other moral impediments, it is easy to play deaf to the clarion call of the Spirit, which still beckons us to do that which is right.

We are called to righteousness, not only because our God requires it, but because He is righteous, and to do otherwise is to grieve His Spirit. For if we are led by His Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth, He will lead us into all truth and righteousness.  

Leave void no opportunity to do the right thing. Take action, don’t be silent in the face of hate, injustice, bigotry, or indifference.

Do not cower when faced with criticism and hate, but let Christ be your standard, guided by the indwelling omnipresent Spirit of Almighty God.


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