Worship the One and Only

Deuteronomy 6: 13 – 14  (also reference Luke 4: 8 & Matthew 4: 10)

Reverence the Lord your God, serve him only by doing his will, and swear by him only (i.e., Put your confidence in Him only). Do not rely on; or put your trust in, any other, or be swayed by contemporary norms.

Let not your desires for riches, fame, power, or glory cause you to worship any other gods or systems of men.  Neither should you serve any other cause except the person of God Almighty.

You become the slave of whatever you ascribe worth to or hold as important. Even a “Godly cause” can become a false and cruel master leading you away from God Almighty.

Reserve pride of place and adoration for the one and only true God.  Your heart has room for only one God. Serve him and him alone worship.


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