Follow Him and see His Glory

St. John 2: 1 – 12 (Jesus turned water into wine)

Mary informed Jesus of the shortage of wine; then, she told the servants to do whatever he said to do. Although Mary instructed the servants beforehand, they must have questioned the sanity of Jesus’ instructions to fill the six jars, the type used for ceremonial washing, with water. To their credit, they obeyed, and through their obedience, were partakers of a great miracle.

Follow the spirit of God and Him to obey, even when His leading takes you along a road of doubts and fear. Be willing to ignore the signposts of conventional wisdom for the higher calling of God. Be prepared to trod this path without the company of family or friends, being satisfied with the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Rest assured that in so doing, His handiwork will be made manifest in you, being an instrument set apart for His glory here on earth.


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