I Only Have NOW

I must learn to conquer this illusion of time with purposeful action or inaction; else, time will be my master.

I can live only in the present moment; The-NOW; The-Moment. Every reflection of the past and every projection into the future occurs in the present moment. My present connects my past and my future. More profoundly, time seems illusionary, a mere figment of one’s imagination. As I engage in an instant of thought, what was only a moment ago the present, is already the past while the future merges into the present, becoming the past.

To achieve my best results, I focus on the actions in which I am engaged to the point where I am one with the Holy Spirit (the Universal-Energy, the Original-Mind), the Ancient-of-Days, even the Source-of-Everything.

Live in The-NOW; Life Is NOW

The past and the present exist in the perpetual moment of the NOW.

  • Take action NOW
  • Experience NOW
  • Appreciate NOW
  • Choose NOW
  • Be still NOW
  • Love NOW
  • Rest NOW
  • Live NOW
  • Do NOW
  • Be NOW

Inspired by: Matthew 6: 34

Be not anxious for tomorrow: for tomorrow shall be apprehensive for the things of itself. There is enough to be concerned about today. 

Dwane Fritz Gerald. GOD&I: Longing After God . Kindle Edition